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What is SIXTH?

SIXTH is a Java-based middleware for the Sensor Web. It allows sensor-driven applications to be abstracted from the sensors they depend on by providing a unified interface by which a variety of sensor types can be integrated with the middleware, along with a standardised way for interacting with them. SIXTH enables the dynamic (re)tasking of sensor nodes to suit shifting application demands in near real time. This sensor support extends not only to traditional physical sensor networks, but also to cyber sensors and mobile sensors accessible through the Android operating system.

Built on the OSGi component framework, SIXTH is a modular middleware that is extensible to cater for a myriad of use cases and application domains.


SIXTH is available to download and use without charge for non-commercial purposes.


If you are interested in using SIXTH, the easiest way to install the various components is through our Eclipse Update Site, which is located at Alternatively, individual SIXTH bundles can be downloaded from our Downloads page.


Documentation for SIXTH is provided by way of a technical user guide and Javadoc API documentation.

Other Information

Please feel free to use our contact form to contact us about any aspect of SIXTH. We also maintain a list of academic publications that have been written either directly about the SIXTH middleware itself or projects making use of SIXTH.

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