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SIXTH Bundle Downloads

This page contains links to the latest versions of the various bundles made availale by the SIXTH project. It is intended that these be used by people running SIXTH outside an Eclipse environment. If you are running SIXTH from within Eclipse, you should use the Eclipse update site instead.

Software Licence

SIXTH bundles can be used free of charge for non-commercial use under the SIXTH Software Licence. Bundles in the “Libraries” category are free software products that have re-packaged for use with OSGi. Each is redistributed under the terms of its respective licence.


  • SIXTH Core Implementation (version 2.4.0)
    SIXTH Core implementation bundle. Contains implementation of the core SIXTH interfaces. This is the base of the SIXTH middleware, upon which all other bundles build.
  • SIXTH Core Interfaces (version 2.1.2)
    Interface bundle for the SIXTH Core.


  • Dummy Receiver for SIXTH (version 2.0.1)
    Dummy Receiver bundle for SIXTH. Receives sensor data through the middleware and prints data to output.


Remote Senders

Remote Receivers



Device Code


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